Got Your 6 Team

Proud of Our Roots

Got Your 6 Tactical Gear and Firearms is headquartered in the rolling hills of West Virginia. The values that can be seen and heard echoing through our mountains are the same values that are the foundation of our company. Our walls are made of brick and mortar, but it is the unseen, yet very tangible sense of patriotism, honor, and freedom that make us strong.

Proud of Our Values

Got Your 6 is unapologetically patriotic, no matter the audience. It is that unwavering patriotism that drove us to be a destination, not a store, for those who protect their Country, their communities, and their families. At our core, we have a strong respect and admiration for those who put on a uniform and stand for something bigger than themselves.

Proud to Be Patriots

We at Got Your 6 feel that way because we have all worn a uniform much like yours at one time or another and most of us still do. In these turbulent times, it is a calming force to know that there are men and women out there that are still willing to stand a post, or wear a badge and put others above themselves. To those who protect and defend us and our families, we are proud to have your 6.


B. Gaus Bryan Gaus
President of Got Your 6 Tactical Gear